"Magnify exists to change the narrative of faith and we do this through our print magazine, digital content and events. We’re all about inspiring and empowering women around the world."

Ruth Yimika Afolabi

Meet Ruth Yimika Afolabi, our first feature of our Women Of Influence series. Ruth started Magnify eleven years ago whilst studying Politics at the University of Durham. Following a period of grief, Ruth began to realign a new relationship with God, one that didn't feel pushy and as typically narrated. She decided to host events which later led to a print magazine interviewing many influential female leaders and producing content focussed on faith, feminism and fashion. 

Our CEO and Creative Director, Rebecca Tembo, visited Ruth at her stunning three-story offices near Old Street, London, to find out more about her life as the Founder of Magnify.


What is a typical day like for you?


RYA: Every day is quite different as I’m sure it is for a lot of CEO’s so either I could be on set or answering lots of emails, or hosting lots of meeting or events. So yeah, really busy and always different.


Can you share a time when you had to demonstrate resilience?


RYA: I think really every day as a CEO because so many things go wrong. Things are changing, even in today’s current climate and you’re just always having to push forward and keep going. Also, motivating others around you.

Do you have any book recommendations which has helped you on your journey?


RYA: There’s a book I read called Contagious [by Jonah Berger] I can’t remember the author but it was absolutely incredible. It’s all about how ideas spread and it really made me see the importance of creating great experiences that people really want to share through word of mouth – which is the most powerful marketing tool.


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Photography by Noé Solange | www.noesolange.com 

Being a CEO can be challenging, what do you do to unwind?


RYA: I have to admit it’s something I’m getting better at but I love cooking. I love getting my nails done and also watching political documentaries.


What do you love the most about being a female founder?


RYA: I think now having been doing it for eleven years is the opportunity to really spotlight other women and particularly help other founders practically and just inspire people to keep going. That really is what I love about my job.