The finest quality materials are used for each jumpsuit, cut perfectly by hand. Our designs fuse traditional craftsmanship with a strong design influence of modern feminity.


Rebecca Tembo takes pride in ensuring that every client’s jumpsuit is of the best quality, not only in fabric but also in finishing. Every jumpsuit is quality controlled and then steamed to ensure that it reaches you... ready to wear!

“The design process is the most natural part of my job, and certainly the most personal. The journey starts with me envisioning the woman I’m constantly developing into. What is she wearing? How is it making her feel, what message is she sending across?

What energy does she give when she walks into the room?

Having a clear vision of who that woman is, makes it easy to design. ”

– Rebecca Tembo

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High quality and attention to detail are the foundations on which Rebecca Tembo is built on with true craftsmanship being the core of every piece. From conception to creation, care is taken to curate our collections of limited-edition jumpsuits. In a time where mass-production is everywhere, Rebecca Tembo prides itself on working closely with a small team of skilled artisans who handcraft masterpieces of luxury right in the heart of London.

Supporting locally skilled artisans, Rebecca herself feels a deep responsibility to keep manufacturing close to home. Born and bred in London, Rebecca believes if it wasn't for the endless opportunities in London, she wouldn't be where she is today.