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Rebecca Tembo is a bespoke bridal and evening wear designer from London.


Recently opening a new studio in London, Rebecca Tembo (RT) has taken her nearly 10 years of experience as a bespoke designer creating a plethora of evening wear garments and now advancing into the bridal industry. 


Deeply inspired by classic British silhouettes, Rebecca saw a gap in the bridal market to incorporate personality, edge and a hint of sexiness into her designs. Each RT piece is delicately crafted in-house with meticulous care and provision, blossoming a reality out of our client’s vision.


RT is more than a transactional service, it’s emancipation for you. We only aim to provide an exceptional experience so you enter this new chapter of your life feeling inspired, transformed and with the confidence to pursue your wildest dreams. After all, aren’t we about to bring one of your dreams to life?


RT has had some great moments; with the opportunity to work with the likes of Michelle Keegan, Cardi B, Maren Morris, Louisa Johnson and more! Rebecca is also an author, speaker, podcast host and entrepreneur. 


Let’s start your journey today!

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