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Magical moments always begin with the first interaction.


At your first consultation with Rebecca, we'll have the chance to get to know each other, discuss your ideas and vision for your bespoke wedding dress (or jumpsuit), as well as share any personal anecdotes that will make your wedding dress extra special. 


With the inspiration provided, we'll share with you our ideas and take you through a carefully curated range of fabric swatches and dress styles. Your measurements will be taken at this point and you will also have the opportunity to take a tour of the studio to see where the magic happens.


For our international brides, your consultation will be conducted virtually via Google Meet where a custom presentation will be presented to you. 

Bespoke wedding dress sketch and process - Rebecca Tembo Made in London_edited.jpg


The first look at your bespoke wedding dress 

After your first consultation, we will send you a final sketch of your wedding dress through the mail. The package will also include the materials that will be used so you can really envision the final dress.

At this stage, we can still tweak the design.

Once you're 100% happy, we'll collect a deposit from you and get started on your dream dress!


It’s becoming real…


At your first fitting you'll try on your toile. A toile is a prototype of your final dress usually in a fabric called 'Calico'. 

With your toile, we'll determine what adjustments will need to be made to ensure the perfect fit. 

If you're an international bride, or unable to have this fitting in person, we'll ship your toile to your home alongside a measuring tape and pins, and conduct the toile fitting with you virtually.

A toile is a mock of your final bespoke wedding dress. Rebecca Tembo Bridal Made in London


A divine collaboration in the making...


Throughout the process, you can expect to have 2-3 fittings depending on the complexity and detail of your wedding dress.


You'll gradually see your dress come to life and get an exclusive peak into the making of your bespoke wedding dress in our studio. 

After perfecting the silhouette, delicate details like embroidery, lace and beading will be added. Here, we advise bringing your wedding undergarments so we can imitate your special day as intricately as possible. 


We did it!


This is when you finally get to wear your bespoke wedding dress and fully see how you're going to look on your wedding day.


Any adjustments, tweaks and minor changes would have been implemented by this time. This fitting would be as close to your big day as possible to ensure the perfect fit. 

You can also expect a special present from the RT team as a thank you for including us in your journey.

For any other questions about the bespoke wedding dress process, please contact us here.

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